Strings in C Programming

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Strings in C programming can be represented as an of characters. You can think of a string as your name. However, in C strings always end with a string null character.

The null character is represented by another escape sequence, \0. C programming, has built-in string handling which allows us to use the string constants these string constants are also called as literals

If you create strings using double quotes, C will automatically create an array of characters for us which will also contain a terminator escape sequence \0. For example, let us see a sample string declaration.


The above example represents an array of string characters placed in between double quotes. Always note that, we do not need to place the null character at the end, the C compiler will automatically do that for us.


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Declaring Strings

Strings in C language can be declared with an array of characters if you already know the length of the string you give the size otherwise you can leave it empty.

Initializing String

As we already know what initialization is, we assign a value to the declared string or variable. There are different ways we can initialize strings in c programming. Let us see them.

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C String strcpy Method

C strcpy method is used to copy one string to another string

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strcat(s1, s2)

C string strcat method is used to concatenate one string with another

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This method is used to return the length of a string

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This method is used to compare two strings and return the the output


This method is used to return a pointer in the first occurance

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