Remove Characters in String Except Alphabets

Last Updated Nov 20, 2015, 07:00:14 PM

What is a string?

Strings in C programming can be represented as an of characters. You can think of a string as your name. However, in C strings always end with a string null character.

The null character is represented by another escape sequence, \0. C programming, has built-in string handling which allows us to use the string constants these string constants are also called as literals

If you create strings using double quotes, C will automatically creates an array of characters for us which will also contain a terminator escape sequence \0. For example, let us see a sample string declaration.

Let us see how to Concatenate Two Strings in C

To better understand this concept we recommand you to learn about strings in c

Before removing other characters except alphabets is : [email protected]#!pcode

After Removing : snoopcode
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