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High-Quality programming education should be free

We are on a mission to teach people how to code interactively and make them job ready. Our goal is to reach millions of students , inspire them about computer science, motivate them, teach them how to code and make them job ready.

As a full-stack developers, we felt the same every day. And we finally decided to create SnoopCode, which produces the interactive code learning experience by introducing the innovation in education with an up to date web development references for all learners and developers around the world. To give you great learning experience we built interactive code editors, live code editors with instant previews and innovative GIF videos to help you learn better

SnoopCode is free for all

Currently, all the expenses to develop and maintain this complex website are covered from our pockets. But you can help us to develop more content and to more features with more upcoming languages

Why SnoopCode is Different?

Not just easy learning alone, we provide an interactive learning experience. Because we know, what makes your learning experience better.

Try It Now Editors

Don't just read code, but practice the code with inbuilt Try It Now editor for every example and method

Try It Now

GIF Videos to Help you understand better

We are working so hard to provide you great learning experience. We are continuously creating GIF videos for every topic and method.

Live Editors

No more clicking on Run button. Just see what you type with instant live previews

Enjoy the beautiful editors with no cost

HTML Live Editor
CSS Live Editor
JavaScript Live Editor
jQuery Live Editor

Practice Labs

When you finish reading the tutorial don't just go home and say, "Today, I learned javascript!". It's not true. Programming is all about practicing not just reading a tutorial. So to give you the right sense of learning approach we've built an interactive editor for each language to practice and execute the programs online.

"Programmers are of two types."

1. Read a book or tutorial. In the end, they say, "I have learned X language today"

2. Write code, debug code, practice code on the real editor. In the end they, "I have mastered this X concept in X language"

We wish our users to fall in the second category

Enjoy our Practice Labs!.

HTML Practice Lab CSS Practice Lab JavaScript Practice Lab jQuery Practice Lab

We hate Out-dated content and old developer practices. So we don't produce them and we don't teach them either

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide free high-quality programming education to millions and make them job ready.

How You Can Help

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