JavaScript Number Object

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JavaScript Number Object

The Number object represents numerical date, either integers or floating-point numbers.

The Number JavaScript object is a wrapper object allowing you to work with numerical values. A Number object is created using the Number() constructor.


If the argument cannot be converted into a number, it returns NaN.

In a non-constructor context (i.e., without the new operator), Number can be used to perform a type conversion.

Number Properties

Here is a list of each property, description and live example for each property.

Property Description Example
MAX_VALUE Get the largest number possible in JavaScript Try It Now
MIN_VALUE Get the smallest number possible in JavaScript Try It Now
NEGATIVE_INFINITY Represents the negative Infinity value. Try It Now
POSITIVE_INFINITY Represents the positive Infinity value.. Try It Now

Number Methods

Method Description Example
toString() toString method is used to convert number to a string Try It Now
valueOf() valueOf()method returns the primitive numeric value represented by the object. Try It Now
toExponential() toExponential()method returns a string representing the Number object in exponential notation. Try It Now
toFixed() toFixed() method is responsible to format a number with a specific number of digits to the right side of the decimal. . Try It Now
toLocaleString() The toLocaleString() method returns a string with a language sensitive representation of this number . Try It Now
toPrecision() toPrecision() method is responsible for returning a string representing the number object to the specified precision. Try It Now

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JavaScript Number Object

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