JavaScript Switch Case

JavaScript Switch Case Statement

The switch statement is used to perform different actions based on different conditions

If you have multiple case statements, and you want to evaluate all cases with different result you might consider using the javascript switch case statement


In the above javascript switch case syntax, the expression would be the key condition we want evaluate. Lets the expression as a number. In the case 1 if the number is odd it will execute some statement, in the case two, if the number is even then executed another statement and so on...



An expression matched against each case clause.

case valueN

A case clause used to match against expression.


Statements that are executed if the expression matches the associated case clause.


In the above example, if color evaluates to "red", the program matches the value with case "red" and executes the associated statement. When a break is encountered, the program breaks out of the switch and executes the statement following switch. If break were omitted, the statement for case "My Car is purple" would also be executed.

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